Ballerina Kitchens

A custom-made kitchen allows you to offer your customers so much more than a standard kitchen: infinitely more choices; materials of outstanding quality. And, of course, a premium finish. You tailor the kitchen entirely to your client’s wishes. In terms of functionality, design and working height. This is how you realise a kitchen that perfectly suits your clients, their house and their lifestyle.

Ballerina Kitchens

Eye for detail

Quality and craftsmanship, that’s what it is all about. As well as attention: from that first shelf, to the finishing and the choice of equipment. Everything has to be perfect. Down to the smallest detail. That is what we represent.

Create an atmosphere

Our stylist completes the picture. By using our furniture and blacksteel sliding doors each kitchen gets its own feel. People immediately feel at home. This way buying a kitchen becomes an experience. And your showroom a success.

Ballerina: 29 x added value

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A selection from our kitchens

MiMa - Ballerina Kitchens - XL 5595 en XL 1496
MiMa - Ballerina Kitchens - XL Riva 2101 en XL Riva 2106
MiMa - Ballerina Kitchens - XL 2651 en XL 2646
MiMa - Ballerina Kitchens - XL 44469 en XL 7760
MiMa - Ballerina Kitchens - XL 1576 en XL 3001
MiMa - Ballerina Kitchens - XL 1601 en XL 5011